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Incorporated in 1995, and based in Jakarta, PT Redpath Indonesia, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Redpath Mining Inc. Jakarta has proven to be an excellent base to manage this region’s growth potential and opportunities. In 1982, what started off as a relatively standard contract raisebore operation with PT Freeport Indonesia, eventually grew into the longest running project in the company’s history; still in existence today! Historically providing services and support, the magnitude and duration of this project created the need for development and training of a large domestic workforce, which at its peak in 2018, numbered over 1,600 employees.



Located in central Asia, Centerra Gold’s Kumtor Mine is located in the Tien Shan Mountains about 60kms north of the border with the Peoples Republic of China. The open pit mine is a world class gold producer and there are plans to further develop this extraordinary ore body with a new underground mine facility. Redpath’s long standing reputation of providing mine contracting solutions is evident in the initial development of two 1,500 metre declines. At a 4,000 metre elevation, and with geological conditions influenced by the Davydov glacier located above, Redpath has assembled a skilled multicultural workforce to complete this project and to continue future underground mine development.



In a region offering tremendous growth opportunities, Redpath Mongolia was incorporated in 2004 and established headquarters in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. Previously that same year, the company had secured the contract to sink multiple shafts and provide primary mine development for the Ivanhoe Mines’ world class Oyu Tolgoi Copper Gold deposit. The project site is situated in Southern Mongolia in the heart of the Gobi Desert flatlands. Here the winds reach up to 200 kms/hr and temperatures can range from plus 40 degrees Celsius to minus 35 Celsius.

This extremely harsh working environment called for unique, logistical expertise and Redpath was more than up to the challenge. In January, 2008, and at a depth of 1,385 metres, the company completed the deepest mine shaft ever sunk in Mongolia. Joining our workforce to help develop our local administrative capabilities, highly educated Mongolians have proven to be an excellent resource for recruiting.

Mass excavation in Asia.
A group of employees poses in an underground mine in Asia.
Redpath employees operate equipment in an underground mine in Asia.

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