Raise Drill Manufacture / Sales / School

Raise Drill Manufacturing


For over 40 years, the Redpath raiseboring manufacturing team has continued to innovate, develop and deliver the latest technology to the mining industry, resulting in the Redbore family of raise drills. The Redbore fleet includes the Redbore 30, 35, 405050X60UR, 65, 7080 and 90, as well as the world’s largest proven capacity raise drill, the Redbore 100.

Adapting to and meeting the changing needs of the client, the environment and the market has leveraged Redpath’s reputation as a leader in the raise drill manufacturing sector. Managing the challenges of a variety of geological and geographical environments has resulted in drilling equipment developed for the most efficient excavating process possible. The capability of semi-automated operation further enhances our state-of-the-art raiseboring services with safety always top of mind.

With the most reliable parts inventory available worldwide, Redpath is one of the few manufacturers that offer a dedicated team of on-hand, qualified designers and technicians. Each drill is designed and built by raise drillers for raise drillers.


Raise Drill Sales


Providing the mining industry with a level of service that exceeds normally accepted standards is the philosophy applied to every aspect of raise drill manufacturing and sales. Our reputation for producing a superior product has propelled Redpath into standing as the largest manufacturer in North America. Each Redbore drill is designed and built by the Raisebore Manufacturing Team in Canada, and shipped globally with every aspect of commercial international transportation taken into careful consideration. Beyond drill deliveries, Redpath’s products are supported with a range of replacement parts, in addition to a full complement of project-support services focused on safety, risk management, project controls, training packages per drill model and commissioning personnel.

Contact info.raisedrills@redpathmining.com to inquire about the purchase of a Redbore raise drill.


Raiseboring School


Redpath considers that future trends and safety mandates make innovation and training a key component of the growth of raise drilling. Recognizing the long term dedication and contribution of our raise drill manufacturing colleagues, Redpath strives to pass on our expertise and knowledge to our clients. The week long program helps establish consistency in raiseboring practices, safety and operation across the globe. Beyond the theoretical and practical completion of the program, the curriculum is a testament to Redpath’s credibility and full endorsement of employee investment. Each participant is evaluated by a Senior Supervisor before certification is awarded, and depending on an individual’s raise drilling role, between 1,000 and 4,000 hours of drill use is mandatory to graduate from the program. Redpath commits to the continual training of all personnel for all positions. Beyond raise drill operator training, Supervisors have completed a variety of professional development programs including Risk Management, Critical Task Management, Test Guide Comprehension, Leadership Training and more. All Redpath trained raise drill operators are qualified to assess the drill and its accessories for maximum efficiency, optimal performance and anticipate timely replacement of parts to ensure the highest availability and mitigate risk. Annual audits of the Raisebore School are completed to ensure the program is effective, current and maintains a high level of safety for employees.


Customer Support

Looking for parts for raise drill operations? Email us at rrl.parts@redpathmining.com