Bore Hole Locator

The Model BH-30 is a third generation instrument designed to rapidly locate pilot holes that have failed to intersect a drift or other accessible target area.

The equipment consists of a rugged waterproof Transmitting Probe and a small battery powered signal strength Receiving Unit.

When a drill hole fails to intersect the drift (or other open target area) the drill rods are removed and the BH-30 Transmitting Probe activated and lowered to the target depth.The BH-30 Receiver may then be used to obtain the approximate distance and direction of the Probe by an operator walking within the target area and observing received signal strength.

The BH-30 Transmitting Probe may be used with the BH-10 or BH-20 Receiver Unit. It is powered by 4C cells and is Crystal controlled at 990Hz.

The BH-30 Receiver Unit is tuned to 990Hz and powered by two standard 9V batteries. A solid-state columnar readout provides distance in feet from the Transmitting Probe.


Maximum Range: 45 feet (13.71m)
Probe Diameter: 1 ¾ inches (44.45 mm)
Probe Length: 26 inches (660.4 mm)
Probe Batteries: 4 alkaline C cells
Receiver Batteries: 2 alkaline 9V cells