Indigenous Collaboration

Local Hiring

Where the skill base exists, Redpath will draw from local workforces.

First Nations Communities (North America)

Redpath has collaborated with First Nations communities across North America and Greenland. Redpath’s most recent joint ventures have been with First Nations on a mine development project in Alaska, and with another partner on a project in Northern Quebec.

Our partnerships with the First Nations have been largely successful by focusing on these key fundamentals:

  • Providing employment and training opportunities
  • Supply and services, and/or subcontract business prospects
  • Direct community benefit (schools, libraries, sponsorship, bursaries, etc.)
  • Joint participation in planning
  • Environmental and historical considerations

Joint Venture Partnerships

Redpath has embarked on several Joint Venture Partnerships over the years. Throughout northern Canada, the Arctic and Alaska in areas of high Inuit/First Nation population, Redpath continues to develop partnerships with local organizations to provide opportunities, access to training programs, employment and a secure future.

Redpath is also a member of the Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association.

Indigenous Tribes of Indonesia

PT Redpath Indonesia has committed to the recruitment and training of people of Papuan descent. A major emphasis has been placed on hiring people of the 7 tribes the local indigenous population. Aside from the Amungme and Kamoro tribes, there are a large number of Papuans. These are the Dani, Moni, Nduga, Mee or Ekari as well as Damal tribes from the highlands. In conjunction with programs offered by PT Freeport Indonesia, PT Redpath Indonesia supports the local sourcing and hiring of skilled apprentices after they have completed their initial training with the Nemangkawi Mining Institute in Timika. The goal is to not only maintain, but increase the Papuan national workforce every year.