Redpath believes that respecting the environment is integral for the success of our company and our industry. Our company continually works to ensure that our projects comply with all regulations, client requirements and the objectives of the project. Environmental initiatives are encouraged on sites and offices in our regions, whether it is a recycling program, water reclamation system or waste disposal program.

Engineering for the safe shipping of our equipment and supplies includes consideration for environmental factors relating to international transport. The environmental impact of our work is taken into consideration on each and every project and we take pride in our extensive experience successfully working in environmentally sensitive areas.

Redpath Canada Limited has installed an advanced containerized Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) System at our North Bay shop facilities in commitment to our beliefs for sustainable development and continuous improvement. An MBRhas the ability to recycle and reuse grey water and sewage, which can be critically important in remote areas. In partnership with Filter Innovations and Calco Environmental Group, Redpath has installed their first MBR as a testament to our strong environmental beliefs. MBR technology also boasts a small ecological footprint and low maintenance, both of which are critical in remote locations. These systems are multifaceted and have the ability to regulate based on changes in daily flow rates and changing conditions. We look forward to utilizing the technology for future projects.


At Redpath, we pride ourselves on our adaptability and desire to continuously improve. New environmental technology in the mining industry is rapidly evolving and we are up for the challenge! On site, in Quebec, Canada, Redpath Canada Limited utilized a Geo-Tube, to complete a raisebore pilot hole. The Geo-Tube is a bladder-like holding cell which collects drilling waste in a large bag. Collected contents are filtered through the Geo-Tube to provide clean water back to the raisebore site. The waste collected in the Geo-Tube is analyzed for its value. Valuable material is separated and reused, while the remainder is disposed of through environmentally conscious methods.


Redpath’s position in the mining industry is unique as we are both a mining contractor, as well as a manufacturer of our fleet of raisebore drills: the Redbore series. Our Redbore drills are consciously engineered with safety and the environment in mind. All drills are shipped to their destinations with a full drip tray to avoid contamination of the earth by catching any drilling oil or debris. Additionally, Redbore raisedrills use high efficiency motors that are best able to deliver the required power while still conserving energy. It’s not only good for the environment, its economical!