Safety and Training

Standing by the Redpath Philosophies and Guidelines, employees are able to keep SAFETY FIRST, LAST, AND ALWAYS top of mind; a statement which stands as true today as it did when the company began, over fifty years ago. The Redpath Safety Program has several well-developed elements, and incorporates the following concepts:
  • 5 Point Safety System
  • Internal Responsibility System (IRS)
  • Good management, not good luck
  • Loss control management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Employee involvement
  • Visible management commitment
  • Simplicity
  • Due diligence
  • Measurable performance objectives and criteria

Trained and qualified personnel are one of the keys to safe performance at Redpath. The Redpath Safety Program ensures that all aspects and special requirements of each particular project are addressed. In addition to the Redpath Safety Program, Redpath has implemented several other exciting and successful proactive initiatives and events delivered around the globe which help foster a strong safety culture.

Safety Management Plan

Emergency Response Training Simulations

In addition to conducting the typical emergency training and practice drills, mock incident scenarios provide true-to-life visuals of potential injuries and incidents in the workplace. The live action nature of these reenactments, involving people/mannequins, equipment, and actual response personnel, provide employees with an opportunity to practice their skills, evaluate the effectiveness of the response plans and to discuss loss control and injury prevention.

Employee Safety Rewards and Incentives

Redpath uses a variety of reward systems and mechanisms as a means of recognizing individual employees and crews for safety milestone achievements as well as proactive safety efforts. The rewards and incentives programs are implemented in ways which motivate our employees to be more involved in the safety process, rather than hiding injuries. Safety rewards and achievements are also publicly promoted and celebrated by their peers.

Indoctrination of New/Transferred Employees

Numerous studies indicate that new and transferred employees are more likely to be injured or involved in an accident. It has been proven that effective indoctrination and orientation can significantly reduce this risk. Specific project safety rules and procedures are reviewed along with a facility tour of both surface and underground layouts.

Safety Huddles/Meetings

Safety huddles can provide specific information and instruction to workers about any actual or potential danger to the worker or potentially hazardous situations. The huddle gets people thinking and talking about safety and increases their awareness of safety. Conducted in a group format, topics may include government regulations, company or client procedures, manufacturer specifications, etc. Feedback is welcome and discussion is encouraged.

Kick-Off Meetings and Risk Assessment

Upon acceptance as the contractor of choice for any project, and before any work is started, both client and Redpath representatives evaluate the scope of work. Redpath brings a half century of experience to the discussions to help identify any areas of potential risk. Open communication speaks to good management and not good luck.

Personal Safety Plans

PSPs are completed by all levels of management and supervision and is a personal commitment that outlines specific actions, above and beyond what is required to help Redpath achieve its safety goals. They are completed at the beginning of each year and are reviewed mid and end of year to evaluate the achievement of the commitments.

Management of Change

As work continues on Redpath projects, benchmarks are set and reevaluation is constant. The Management of Change process ensures that changes in project safety, scope, design, costs, schedule, operational procedures and/or performance/quality of the works are identified, evaluated and managed. Our process enables early identification of safety issues arising as a result of changes (or not making changes). We believe that proper documentation, implementation and communication of changes are required proactive means of understanding changes and taking the appropriate actions so they do not lead to unacceptable risks.


Shaft Training Facility

Located on-site in Mongolia, Redpath invests in the strength of the national workforce with the implementation of a Shaft Training Facility. Hands-on learning provides an immediate feedback scenario for questions and resolutions before entering the work place. Participants perform step-by-step procedures in order to hone in on safe and required techniques and further the Redpath safety culture.

Redpath’s Train-the-Trainer Course/Certification Program

This course provides the knowledge, skills and resources to conduct adult training for one-on-one and group situations. The course includes legislation that applies to training programs, other pertinent regional legislation, and information about Redpath policies, standards, procedures and additional training resources. Participants are taught how to apply adult learning principles using specific techniques and activities for their training, and also how to develop learning objectives, training materials and evaluation tools. The course is tailored specifically to the attendees through group discussions and simulated training exercises where participants have an opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve learned and to get individualized coaching on their training delivery, presentation techniques and group facilitation skills. This course meets and exceeds the Train-the-Trainer Program requirements as set out by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities of Ontario, Canada.

Redpath’s Loss Control Leadership Training

This comprehensive training program, developed for all levels of management and supervision, provides interactive training in the practical application of the Redpath Safety Program and loss control management concepts. The training also includes discussions of site specific safety initiatives and legislation. Participants are actively engaged in the course through group activities that promote hands-on learning, discussion and critical thinking. In total there are 25 modules which may be combined into multiple day sessions to accommodate varying schedules and site preferences. Topics include:

  • Cause & Effect of Loss
  • 5 Point Safety System
  • Risk Assessments
  • Loss Control Management
  • Incentives, Rewards, & Discipline
  • Incident & Injury Reporting
  • Incidents and Injury Imaging
  • Planned Safety Inspections
  • Task Analysis & Critical Task Procedures
  • Job Observations
  • Workplace Communications
  • Joint Health & Safety Committees
  • Indoctrination of New/Transferred Employees
  • Training & Qualifications
  • Problem Solving
  • Off-the-Job Safety
  • Managing the Troubled Employee
  • Damage & Waste Control
  • Hazard Identification
  • Environmental Management
  • Ergonomics
  • Emergency Preparedness & Response
  • Personal Safety Plans
  • Safety Audits
Pathways to Excellence

The Pathways workshops, tailored specifically to meet Redpath objectives, provide professional development to foster future leaders and managers. Topics include management effectiveness, setting goals, planning, coaching, appraising performance, delegation, among others.

Emergency Response Through Simulations

In addition to conducting the typical emergency training and practice drills, mock incident scenarios provide true-to-life visuals of potential injuries and incidents in the workplace. The live action nature of these reenactments, involving people/mannequins, equipment, and actual response personnel, provide employees with an opportunity to practice their skills, evaluate the effectiveness of the response plans and to discuss loss control and injury prevention.

Employee Engagement

Safety Days

This annual event welcomes Redpath management, health and safety representatives, supervisors, safety personnel and workers to discuss current safety best practices, concerns, and industry improvements. In addition, a broad spectrum of guest speakers from the mining industry, government, health and safety professions and fellow colleagues are invited to share their insights, tools, resources and expertise in regards to health and safety.

Safety Innovation

The purpose of this program is to promote safety innovation. Through this program, Redpath employees are publically recognized and rewarded for taking the initiative to develop ideas on how to improve safety in our workplaces. All Redpath employees can participate in the program. The innovative safety ideas that our employees have come up with have helped to improve safety internally among our global Redpath operations, and externally, to others in the industry whom with we also share our ideas.

Off The Job Health and Safety Initiatives

Redpath promotes off-the-job and family safety with the understanding that illness and incidents that happen outside of the workplace can have a great impact on our operations and employees. Through several initiatives, Redpath promotes a safety consciousness in employees encouraging them to be the health and safety champions in their own lives and families. Some examples include: providing first aid training to employees (above what is required by legislation) and to their spouses, flu shot clinics, discounts on home fire extinguishers, first aid kits for their homes/vehicles, visibility wristbands for children at Halloween, discounted gym memberships, recreational facilities, safety talks to school children, etc.



  • MRC hanging wall safety net
  • MRC emergency light
  • MRC rail lifting bar
  • Mobile equipment removable maintenance platform


  • Pipe loader racks
  • Pipe installation handling system
  • Storage racks & storage boxes
  • MRC rail pusher
  • Oxy/Acet carrier
  • Supplies deck
  • Transmixer slide out eye wash
  • Bolt storage rack


  • Light vehicle wheel chock
  • Raisebore rod handling cassette
  • Rebar transportation carriers
  • Effective warning reflector
  • Jumbo steel guard
  • Pump raft


  • Stoper vice
  • Drill string basket
  • Rod turntable
  • Vehicle circle check sticker
  • Pin pusher
  • Diesel welder carrier
  • Jumbo swing arm guard
  • Transmixer guards
  • Nozzle guard


  • Forklift handles
  • Low-profile Muck Chute (Raiseboring)
  • Brutus Clam Jaw Bridal
  • Forklift Clamp-style Grip Handle
  • Ejector-style Muck Rail Car
  • Cable Drum Lifting Frame
  • Equipment Stabilizing Blocks


  • Jumbo Lock Out Tool
  • MRC Trap Door Redesign
  • Gear Box Lid Lock
  • Bail ring carrier
  • Curb ring scraper
  • FEMCO earmuffs
  • Jumbo Sling winch
  • Man-riding portal
  • Round powder box
  • Service pipe pusher
  • Cable roller
  • Plates and thread bar box
  • Tool box ratchet strap
  • Adjustable screen storage system
  • Fire extinguisher cover


  • Shaft pipe slinging design


  • Bucket lifting pins
  • Employee Engagement Tool
  • Shaft Guide Alignment Tool
  • Agitator Sonar Discharge System
  • ANFO truck platform


  • SAFE STOP Anti Door Jam Unit
Health & Safety Policy
At Redpath, we passionately believe that all work undertaken can and will be done safely with no harm done to our employees or those of our clients, or sub-contractors.

Everyone in our organization has a responsibility to contribute to their own health and safety and the health and safety of fellow workers, on and off the job. We expect all employees to present themselves fit for work with the right attitude towards health and safety.

We believe that safety expertise exists at all levels in our organization and we are committed to continuously improving safety and health through employee involvement and safety innovation.

All employees will receive an appropriate safety induction prior to undertaking work. We will provide effective instruction and training and ensure the required tools, equipment, and procedures are in place.

We will maintain a proactive approach to health and safety through the rigorous application of the Redpath Safety Management System. As a part of this system, all management will demonstrate their commitment to safety through the development of Personal Safety Plans.

We will meet or exceed all applicable laws, regulations and Client requirements.

All injuries and incidents will be investigated by the appropriate personnel, with high potential incidents including a senior management review, so as to ensure that all causes are identified and controls are put in place to prevent recurrences. The lessons learned will be shared throughout the company.

Our motto of ‘“SAFETY – FIRST, LAST, AND ALWAYS’ has served us well since 1962 and continues to be the foundation on which our safety culture, our continued business success, and the pride of our employees, is built.