Shaft sinking with Redpath and Deilmann-Haniel

The shaft sinking industry is discussed in the September 2018 issue of IM Magazine. Deilmann-Haniel, a member of The Redpath Group, along with Redpath Canada, serving Mongolia, Indonesia, North and South America contribute editorial on innovation, safety and technique. Learn more about upcoming technologies and productivity benefits.


Redpath Canada exceeds planned development for Harte Gold

Redpath Canada continues work for Harte Gold at their Sugar Zone Mine in northern Ontario. For the month of June, Redpath completed 198 m of development, or 6.4 m per day, exceeding the planned 6.2 m per day, to extend the Sugar Zone North ramp and access drifts to the Upper Zone mining block from the Sugar Zone South Ramp. Learn more about this developing mine here:


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