Consider it done — safely.

Providing FULL SERVICE mining solutions
and innovation around the world SINCE 1962.

Decline and ramp development for exploration or access as well
as installation of mine infrastructure are prime elements of
Redpath’s total mine service.

Providing full service mining solutions and innovation around the world for over 55 years.

Redpath Mining Contractors and Engineers

In 1962, Jim Redpath’s vision for the company was much the same as it is today; offering a high level of service to the mining industry, which exceeds current standards and provides challenge for its employees. With a foundation built on global experience, adaptability and exceptional workmanship, Redpath leads the industry with cutting edge innovations in safety and mining practices.

Services including underground construction, shaft sinking, raiseboring, mine contracting, raise mining, mine development, engineering and technical services and a variety of specialty services are offered around the world, with the expertise and qualifications in place to support any scope of work. Global experience has given Redpath expansive regulatory knowledge, regional expertise and cultural sensitivity.

Redpath has built a solid reputation for conquering tough challenges, and adapting to a variety of environments. Redpath’s employees are the heart of the company’s success and it remains through them that the company will continue to expand and flourish.

Consider it done — safely.

We make accurate schedules and budget forecasts that are
managed and met to the best of our abilities without surprise.